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Twisted Timber Furniture is located at 480 Stock road in Stake Hill. All work is carried out on the property which houses Mandurah's largest supply of hardwood slabs.  All furniture is manufactured from this timber which is milled by us from locally sourced Jarrah, Marri and other West Australian native hardwoods.

The owner-operator of Twisted Timber, John De Jong has worked in the timber industry for over 30 years in which time he has developed a passion for preserving the timbers of our unique West Australian hardwood forests into bespoke furniture which is hand crafted to last the test of time.

John has always taken a stand against the logging of our native forests and bush land, and although it is inevitable due to mining and development of our ever expanding population, he is intent on salvaging these timbers whether it be from the Forest Products Commission, farm paddocks, tree lopping jobs or the demolition of old buildings, bridges and jetties.

Exhibits of these timbers can be viewed and purchased at the showroom of Aussie Plasma Cutting on the corner of Reserve drive and Rafferty road in Mandurah

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